Online Design Consultation

The Company offers online design consultation via video conferencing to assist the clients in space layouts and pick out furniture items that suit the space and vision of the client. With this service, the Company assists the clients remotely which allows the Company to reach the clients anywhere in Canada.

In-Person Design Consultation

The Company offers in-person design consultation where clients can book interior designers to visit their home or business spaces to seek advice on space improvement, design suggestions, paint color, and other design concerns.

Space Planning and Interior Design

The Company offers space planning that will conduct an in-depth analysis on the efficient use of floor space. This will consider the optimized arrangement of furniture, appliances, and accessories as well as the workflow, circulation, and people movement through spaces. In addition, the Company offers interior design packages such as space planning, lighting, wall design, color recommendations, and interior decorations that focus on the client’s own vision and preference and at the same time provide a comfortable yet visually interesting indoor environment.

2D and 3D Interior Design Rendering

The Company offers 2D and 3D interior designing that will help clients visualize the project before actual installation.

The Company provides 2D sketches and floor plans for the interior of the residential and commercial space. A 3D representation similarly be provided using the latest technology in 3D rendering so that the clients can envision their ideas and bring it to life.

Space Improvement and Renovation

The Company offers design implementation and space renovation to execute the design approved by the client. The Company leverage Mr. Bonakdarsakhi’s knowledge in interior, architectural and industrial design, and implementation to bring the client’s vision into reality.